Terms of Service

§1 - Preamble

§1.1 - The following general terms and conditions refer to the web content of the MTA server eXo-Reallife (hereinafter also referred to as eXo) by Daniel Taucher, kitzhost.com.

§1.2 - By using the web content and loading the donation currency “eXo-Dollar”, the user accepts these terms and conditions. Without the confirmation of these terms and conditions, the purchase of products is excluded.

§2 - Rights and obligations of the user

§2.1 - The user has the duty to protect his user data, in particular his password, and not to pass it on to third parties. eXo-Reallife is not liable for any damage caused by third parties.

§2.2 - In addition, the user may not compose, upload or distribute any content that violates the Federal Constitution of Austria. This applies in particular to content that is extremist, xenophobic or generally harmful to young people.

§2.3 - Users are only allowed to distribute content for which they have the copyright and may have to add a source.

§2.4 - Users have the right to contact support in the event of problems regarding the payment for in-game goods. Support takes place either in-game, via the forum or in Teamspeak. If the user was excluded from the platforms listed, he forfeited his right to support.

§2.5 - There is no right to delete accounts in the web content, especially in the forum.

§3 - rights and obligations of eXo-Reallife

§3.1 - eXo reserves the right to exclude users from the web content without giving reasons and / or to delete the user's content.

§3.2 - Should a user violate §2.2 of the terms and conditions, eXo has the right to forward this content including user data to a law enforcement agency.

§3.3 - eXo is expressly not liable for damage caused by third parties.

§4 - Webshop

§4.1 - The user has the possibility to top up his user account with eXo-Dollars. A refund is only possible within the statutory recall obligation

§4.2 - With the eXo-Dollars the user has the possibility to purchase InGame goods independently.

§4.3 - eXo does not guarantee the availability of the specified goods. Goods can be changed by eXo during the term of the contract.

§4.4 - Goods that were bought via the webshop may not be sold to other people.

§4.5 - eXo is entitled to permanently or temporarily delete purchased goods in the event of misconduct.

§5 - other provisions

§5.1 - eXo is entitled to switch off the game server temporarily or permanently without prior notice. In this case, no refunds will be given for purchased goods.

§5.2 - The user undertakes to regularly check the terms and conditions for updates.

§5.3 - In case of doubt, the german TOS should apply.